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September 15, 2022
Always good food. We had ginger beef, deluxe vegetables and mooshi chicken

July 29, 2022
food was good. first time ordering from. would go back.

June 30, 2022
I had a terrible experience at this restaurant. Almost two weeks ago I made an order for pick up. I was asking questions about the food and the lady taking my order on the phone was rude and told me to “hurry up” because she was “busy”. But it was difficult to make my food order because numerous dishes that I wanted to order were “unavailable” on that day. Eventually I found some food items that were available and placed my order.

I arrived at the restaurant 40 minutes later as requested and the lady told me my order would be ready in 2 minutes. 10 minutes later, she told me my order would be ready in another 2 minutes. Finally 25 minutes after my order was supposed to be ready, she brought me my order and I paid for it. The receipt didn’t break down the items I ordered but just had a total amount VISA receipt.

It was all packaged up and I assumed the order was correct but it wasn’t apparently. I found this out because the lady phoned me and asked me to bring the food back because she gave me the wrong order. At the time she called me, I was already driving on Broadway Ave which was quite some distance from the restaurant (probably about 10km away). Regardless, I turned around and drove back because I had ordered specific dishes for my family and I wanted to make sure I had the right orders to bring home.

When I arrived back at the restaurant, the lady told me it was my fault that the orders were mixed up because I gave her my first name (she asked me for that) and I should have given her my phone number (she didn’t ask me for that). She told me that there were two of us (customers) with the same name so the order got mixed up. I should have clarified my phone number 🙄 even though she didn’t ask me for it.

The lady took the food I returned, peeked in the bag and immediately gave it to some other woman/customer who was sitting waiting. Luckily I didn’t have covid or a pet in my car and I wasn’t smoking in my vehicle and I hadn’t eaten or touched any of the food. But no one asked me those questions and the restaurant lady gave the food to the other customer who was waiting. The customer accepted the food and left - which to me is extremely not hygienic restaurant practices. I certainly wouldn’t want to order food that had been in another customers car for 20 minutes not knowing what has happened to it before I eat it!!!!

Then I had to wait longer for my order to be ready. When it was ready, I asked the lady if I had paid for my original order or if she had charged me for the wrong order. She admitted she charged me the wrong amount and gave me $5.00 bill back saying that covered the difference. Though I was never given a proper receipt with the breakdown of what my food cost or what the food items were that I paid for. If I had been given a proper breakdown receipt In the beginning, I likely would have realized right away that the original order was wrong - before leaving the restaurant.

I then asked the lady if there was any discount for having spent my own gas money and wasted my time returning the wrong order and the lady actually ignored me, looked away and started talking to the next customer in line. So I just ended up leaving. It infuriates me that I left a tip for this meal because I have no way of getting that back based on receiving such terrible service.

On the website I am only noticing now that if you spend over a certain amount, the restaurant will include free fried rice but only if you mention it when ordering. I didn’t mention it because I didn’t know that at the time - but it could have been the least they could have done to make up for such terrible service, waste of my time and gas money.

I will not be returning to this restaurant. I work at a very large organization close by the restaurant and I intend to make sure all the staff they know how they treat customers and about the hygiene concerns regarding their food.

June 19, 2022
The food was hot and ready.

June 18, 2022
As always, that great-tasting-take-out place keeps me coming back again and again,...aazha sago,..I must have had quite a few of those 90 items on that menu over the course on my 4 year stay here so far in Sunny St. James,...tonight I had one of the chef specials,...mmmmm,..bizaanigo onishishin owe wiisiniiwin!!

June 05, 2022

April 29, 2022
Tasty as always!

April 21, 2022
Hot and sour soup and zero flavor and hardly any ingredients. 90% of it went in the garbage.

April 17, 2022
Good afternoon.
Yes, it was delicious, as always,...I like it because there are so many items to choose from,...and my transaction is completed online,..makes ordering take-out so much easier for me.
I recommend China City, I will be ordering from them again this upcoming week too.
Thank you.

February 23, 2022
Great food fast service